Review of Arcane Kingdom Online: The Fallen City

tl;dr: Arcane Kingdom Online: The Fallen City (AKO:TFC) is another solid entry in the series

This is an unbiased review of the ARC.


AKO:TFC is the third instalment in the Arcane Kingdom Online LitRPG series.

It has all the characteristics of the previous books in the series (the reviews of the previous books are linked AKO: Dark Magic & AKO: The Chosen). It is an engrossing read and has some great characters. The story is quite innovative and the mechanics are fun. But, it also happens to be quite short and lease the reader wanting more.

The Story

Some of the new elements in this book are a PVP equivalent battle as well as higher level specializations that Clay finally hits. There are more but I will not spoil all the surprises.

From a story perspective, there is a great resolution to the arc started in Dark City. I really liked both the resolution as well as how it integrated well with the game-play mechanics. I just wished there was some more information on what is happening in the real world though.


If you are into LitRPGs, you really ought to check out this series.

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