Review of ‘Cold Spectrum’ – a Harmony Black novel

[su_quote]Let’s see what they have got. Quite a mixed bag of talents! There’s the witch, the wolf, the hacker and the profiler.[/su_quote]

[su_heading size=18]Introduction[/su_heading]

“Cold Spectrum”, written by Craig Schaefer, is the fourth book in the Harmony Black series. It stars the eponymous Harmony Black on her quest to defeat the demons who are subverting the human world.

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Harmony Black and Jessie Temple delve further into the mystery of Cold Spectrum. They discover a demonic conspiracy and are framed by the demons. Now, on the run, they have to somehow survive and unmask the conspirators, while saving the world somehow.

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[su_heading size=18]Recommendation[/su_heading]

 Cold Spectrum was mildly enjoyable. Fans of Harmony Black will like it while others will not be overwhelmed.

As I have mentioned earlier in the review of the series, I think this is Craig Schaefer’s weakest character and series. While I loved the Revanche cycle and found Daniel Faust to be above average, Harmony Black feels more like a side character in the Schaefer universe. With that in mind, this book has all the strengths and weaknesses of the previous books in the series. It feels generic and the world building is the only thing that drew me in.

The ending of the book does fill me with optimism though. I hope Schaefer takes this series in a different direction which makes it feel less by the numbers.

[su_heading size=18]Other Thoughts (Spoilers warning)[/su_heading]

Spoilers below. Continue reading at your peril.






I will be interested to see how Vigilant Lock functions now that the conspiracy has been rooted out. What will the East Coast Courts do now?

I am not able to decide if I like the fact that the villains from the previous team have been assembled together to take down Vigilant Lock. Hopefully, it will be an original treatment that we get.

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