Review of Dark Magic (Arcane Kingdom Online #2) by Jakob Tanner

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Dark Magic (Arcane Kingdom Online #2)

yea, yea, I got an ARC from the author and this is a honest review

Dark Magic is a competent follow to The Chosen.

I liked the The Chosen, the first book in the Arcane Kingdom Online series due to its easy to get into writing, good action, compelling characters and great world building. I didn’t like its short length or its slightly generic plot since it felt that like this book was setting up the series. Dark Magic is the same.

When I got the ARC, I immediately started reading it (putting aside the other books I was in the middle of). And I continued reading till I finished this book. This shows that the second book is as gripping as the first. And in retrospect, it has all of the strengths of the first one.

But, and this is a big but, this book still feels like it is a stepping stone to something bigger. I get that the book is short and only so much can be filled in it, but I would have loved to seen more progress in the main plot. But that is my only complaint.

I would still recommend this as short, fun read.

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