Review of 'Daylight' by David Baldacci

tl;dr: 'Daylight' is a passable thriller from David Baldacci.

I think David Baldacci is aware that the Atlee Pine series is clearly not his best. While 'A Long Road to Mercy' was bad, 'A Minute to Midnight' was, at best, tolerable. So the author takes a leaf out of Hollywood blockbuster sequels to spice things up. He has John Puller team up with Atlee Pine. John Puller, as some long time readers may remember, is Baldacci's version of 'Jack Reacher'. Even if this character is derivative, his series is better than 'Atlee Pine's'. The result of this collaboration is another 'monster of the week' story mixed with Atlee's main storyline - which is an okayish but not memorable thriller.

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Atlee Pine is still on her quest to find her abducted twin sister. And her boss continues to give her a lot of slack, which would be surprising in any job, and doubly so, in the FBI. She stumbles upon a sting conducted by John Puller in the course of her investigation and screws it up. The aforementioned team-up occurs. 'Daylight' has all the elements of a boilerplate thriller - conspiracies at the highest levels, treason, espionage, assassinations etc. This conspiracy has quite obviously been inspired by the Trump presidency with its mix of 'Kompromat' style blackmail and Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell characters. But Baldacci moves the key person to the leader of the Congress rather than that of the Senate or the President, which feels quite odd.

It all ends well as can be expected with Puller/Pine saving the day. The book then shifts back to the main storyline. Unfortunately, while there are revelations about her sister's fate, there is no resolution as yet, and the saga drags on.

In conclusion, if you are a David Baldacci fan, you will more likely as not be disappointed by 'Daylight'. If you are new to this author or have read a few books of his, I suggest looking at his other books before picking this first.

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