Review of Holy Sister by Mark Lawrence

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

I found Holy Sister to be average, just like Red Sister and Grey Sister.

Why? It just feels like a by the numbers effort from Mark Lawrence. Maybe I am being a bit too harsh but the Book of the Ancestor series palls in comparison to The Broken Empire series or The Red Queen’s War series. It just did not pull me in unlike either of the above. With the latter series, I felt that Mark Lawrence was writing original broken characters who struggled against their nature or circumstances and did not give a fuck. I do not get the same vibe from this book or the series.

Everything falls in place for Nona Grey. The future is foretold. She can inhabit bodies. She is brilliant at everything. Where is the f’ing challenge? Where is the f’ing character development?

I also dislike the structure that this book has taken. I never like stories that keep jumping between timelines just to use the structure as a cheap means to reveal surprises and move the plot along. Come on, this is just lazy. Especially when there is nothing much else to the plot in the book.

Also, I am losing faith in this whole ARC business, especially on goodreads. Most of the advance reviews seem to be written by unabashed fan-boys who deliver marketing bullshit under the guise of unbiased reviews.


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