Review of ‘Never Die’ by Rob J. Hayes

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Never Die by Rob J. Hayes is non-stop fun from the start to the end. I was hooked on to the story within a few pages of reading and I knew I was onto a winner.

So what is’ Never Die’ about? It is the story of four legendary heroes who are raised back from the dead by a boy called Ein. Ein wants to use this team if he does to drill the Emperor of the Ten kingdoms and thereby restore” peace and prosperity” back to the lands.

This is a story with a Wuxia type setting in medieval Japan and is quite like a “western” movie in nature. The quest to find and recruit each of the heroes is as entertaining as you can imagine. Being Wuxia, there is plenty of fighting – swords, hand to hand, mystical and with different kinds of enemies – humans, Yokai, villains etc.

This is assisted immensely by the world building. The world of’ Never Die’ is rich with plenty if Japanese folklore thrown in. In addition, there is this feeling of authenticity’ (FWIW) because each setting in the book feels real and the reader can easily imagine it in their heads.

Coming back to the heroes; their characterisation is brilliant. Each of them has their flaws and the struggle to overcome these at least getting to terms with them is enthralling, to say the least. I loved all of them and I don’t want to pick favourites for fear of spoilers.

As I was reading the book,I kept thinking about how it would end. And let me just say that the ending is befittingly fantastic. I saw’ some fit coming but there was enough stuff that I had not anticipated. The book is of reasonably length and its fast paced writing kept me engrossed throughout.

In conclusion,’ Never Die’ is another great book from Rob I. Hayes. If you are a fantasy reader or like Wuxia, go for this book. You will not be disappointed.

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