Review of Occultist (Saga Online #1) by Oliver Mayes

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Occultist (Saga Online #1)

*I read the ARC and this is a honest review*

There is no other way to put it – Occultist is a blast from the start to the end. I ended up reading it in one session – 4 hours straight in bed, beyond midnight. It is just that gripping and enjoyable.

Yes, this is a LitRPG. And yes, it might have some callbacks to other ones. But, this book is the real thing. It is genuinely funny where those other ones weren’t (*cough* Ready Player One *cough*). Puns, actual jokes, pop culture references abound. In addition to the humour, the characters are amazing – each and every one of them. Bartholomew and Noigel are the stand-outs. The writing is excellent too.

The LitRPG side is pretty much your standard stuff (I guess it has to be). The class in focus is the titular ‘Occultist’. The Occultist is basically a summoner class, at least in this book. If I remember correctly, I think the ‘Warlock’ class in D&D is quite similar. Obviously, any class with this kind of ominous name that deals with demons and the undead has heavy connotations of being evil.

The cool thing in this book is how the author is able to make the ‘good’ guy play the ‘evil’ class and vice versa. This is again, another stand out feature.

Anyway, enough rambling. I had fun reading this book. I think you will too, even if you are not a fan of LitRPGs.

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