Review of Paternus: War of Gods by Dyrk Ashton

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Paternus: War of Gods is an appropriately epic conclusion to a series that is already vast in scope.

There are multiple reasons to like this book.

The first is how - like the rest of the series - it manages to bring in most other cultures and their pantheons into the story. The series also makes them into characters that are mostly true to their origin. For example - Ganesh is wise, Indrajit is a master of maya etc. The book also manages to conflate multiple myths into a single narrative with common origins. So, from a story perspective, these myths and deities generally present a coherent structure that makes sense in that Universe.

The second reason to like this book is the evident rise to a climax with great action and one on one fights in the final confrontation. In some ways, the book reminded me of the Kurukshetra war. Rules are followed in the beginning, but as the war proceeds, these rules start to break down one by one. There are 'named' battles; there are confrontations that we have been looking forward to; there is ample use of various 'Astras' - what's not to like? The other aspect of the book's structure is how the multiple participants take their time to prepare, how there are various skirmishes, how they test each other defences etc. before they jump into an all-out war. This build-up to the climax makes the story all the more gripping with the final pay-off being worth the wait.

The third reason to like the book is its fast-paced approach to telling the story. 'War of Gods' is long - but you never feel its length or get bored because something is happening all the time, which moves the story forward. It also helps that you feel invested in the characters (even the gods) and root for them throughout the book.

If there are some things to be watchful of in this book - it will be the sheer unfamiliarity to readers not used to other myths and its vast array of characters. But, it will well worth it if you would put in the effort to understand what is happening and who is who.

So, overall, I loved Paternus: War of Gods. I highly recommend it to fantasy readers, especially those that like stories involving gods and myths.

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