Review of Redemption by David Baldacci

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Redemption is a great book because it focuses on Amos Decker’s faults. (and it is actually a redeeming followup to the steaming pile that was ‘Long Road to Mercy’)

Amos Decker has been setup in the series as a sort of detective savant. And I have to confess that I like the books where he detects the shit out of the crimes. So it comes as a refreshing change to see his greatest mistake come to the fore. And like the blurb mentions, could he have sent an innocent man to prison?

Throughout the book, he is consistently on the back foot since he is reopening a 13 year old case and has to figure out where he has made wrong assumptions. From a story narration perspective, this works wonders because you can see him persevering even through the setbacks and this showcases a side of Amos Decker that we have not seen much before.

Even though I have given five stars, there are a couple of issues with the book.

The first issue is with the mystery. It is decent per se for most of the book but I think some portions of the solution do not gel with the whole (why some victims were killed, how Amos Decker somehow manages to find a case that will save his job). The second issue is with how Amos Decker deals with guilt. He says that he feels guilt; his friends say that he feels guilt. But, we do not see this guilt manifest in any of his actions. It is a bit like someone telling you they find something funny but with a totally serious face and flat intonation.

Still, I liked the book and it kept me interested throughout. Amos Decker fans, do not miss it.

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