Review of Streets of the Lost City

tl;dr: Streets of the Lost City is delightfully weird, original and imaginative

This is one of the most imaginative books I have read in a long time. It blends together so many different concepts and, dare I say, genres itself. Though it is fantasy at the core, there is enough new age philosophy & metaphysics that I can't help comparing it to the mind-bending gymnastics in non-fiction like 'Metamagical Themas' or 'GEB'.

The comparisons and genre-bending don't stop here. Since this is a set of loosely connected short stories (with the main thread to connect it all), the exploration of the ideas reminded me a lot of some books by Isaac Asimov and Harry Harrison.

The characters are as colourful as the concepts themselves and each one remains in the reader's memories even after putting down the book. The plot is also good with an excellent resolution. I never felt bored during the book - I was invested throughout.

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