Review of The Crown’s Fate by Evelyn Skye

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

“The Crown’s Fate” is the second book in the “The Crown’s Game” series, by Evelyn Skye. It is a young adult fantasy book set in imperial Russia in the 1800s.

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“The Crown’s Fate” is, at its core, a typical teenage love triangle in a high fantasy setting. There is plenty of magic intertwined in this love triangle. Mikhail & Vika are two enchanters who were set up against each other in the previous book while Pasha (the other leg of the triangle) is the soon to be crowned Tsar of Russia. Mikhail and Pasha are close friends and have grown up like brothers. This book has all the standard tropes of both genres – fantasy and the teenage triangle.

I enjoyed the first book in this series – The Crown’s Game. While it too was not really original in terms of its plotting, the unique imperial Russian setting made it interesting. Evelyn Skye’s writing was good and inoffensive, which made for a quick read.

This book, while still keeping that style and setting, is not that enjoyable – primarily, due to its insipid and predictable plot . In doing so, Evelyn Skye has made this book unremarkable and indistinguishable from others in this series. Pasha has marginal character development, while Mikhail and Vika have none. They spend the entire time moping.

In the end, I didn’t really feel anything from this book. In fact, the the only place where I felt interested was when magic started rearing up across Russia and old legends like Baba Yaga  started waking up. Now, that would have been a book I would have liked to read.

‘The Crown’s Fate’ is an average read for young adult fans. Others, please stay away from it.

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