Review of the ‘Harmony Black’ series by Craig Schaefer

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

“Thanks for that. I think you pissed her off.” “I hope so. It’s important to make a good first impression.”

The “Harmony Black” series, written by Craig Schaefer, is an urban fantasy starring a female FBI agent who is also a sorcerer. The series consists of 3 books so far. Harmony Black made her appearance first in the Daniel Faust books. She is a tough plucky FBI agent who is part of a black ops group which deals with magical problems.

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I binged read all of Craig Schaefer’s books in the last week. Of the three series, he’s written, ‘Harmony Black’ is the weakest. On its own, it will be acceptable urban fantasy starring a female hero along the lines of Mercy Thompson or Kate Daniels. But, when compared to the brilliant ‘Revanche Cycle’ and the unique ‘Daniel Faust’ series, it falters.

The issue is that there is nothing new here that we have not seen before. Other than the fact that Harmony Black is part of the FBI, it is the same setting as ‘Daniel Faust’ and the same plot lines. The first book had potential since it was a locked room mystery. But the second and third books just push the bounds of paranoia that we seen in glimpses in Daniel Faust. This is more conspiracy focused than anything else. I wish that the ethos of the first books had been continued in the other two i.e. solving magical mysteries rather than making it about saving the world each time.

Craig Schaefer’s writing is still enjoyable and the characters are decent. But, ultimately, the only reason to read these books is to keep tabs on the entire universe that he is building.

In conclusion, this series is an acceptable read – I recommend it to all readers of fantasy.

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