Review of the Heritage of Power Series by Lindsay Buroker

tl;dr – The Heritage of Power Series by Lindsay Buroker is a light hearted fantasy read but it does not offer anything more.

[su_quote]“People will think all sorts of odd things are the truth in order to validate their beliefs.”[/su_quote]

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The Heritage of Power series is written by Lindsay Buroker, author of innumerable fantasy and sci-fi novels. It is set in the same universe as the Dragon Blood books. But it pick up after the events of Dragon Blood and features a new set of heroes with characters from Dragon Blood playing a supporting role. The main stars are Trip – a pilot who discovers that he has magical abilities and Rysha – a Noble woman who wants to be a commando.

Individual reviews of these books follow the review of the series.

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The Heritage of Power series is classic Lindsay Buroker. If you have not read her other books, her stories are written in a light-hearted fashion, have strong female characters, lots of innuendos and humour, some kind of boy meets girl romance and decent world building. The plots are not convoluted and the heroes always carry the day. In a nut-shell, they are like sitcoms – the ‘Friends’ or ‘Cheers’ equivalent in the scifi/fantasy genre.

I found the heritage of power series to be quite inconsistent in the quality of its individual books. The second and third books were the best and the series should have ended there. Unfortunately, there are a couple of more books which really add nothing to the overall plot, except for the culmination of the budding romance between the heroes. I would have liked to see some sort of resolution to the crisis (isn’t there always one?) and more depth in the dragons vs people argument.

In conclusion, if you like Lindsay Buroker, this is an average series by her standards. If not, pass on this one.

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Lindsay Buroker is a machine. She churns out more books than other authors out there. And, the good part is that all these books are of a consistently decent quality. Dragon Storm is no exception. It is set in the same world as Dragon Blood, has some of the same characters but the protagonists are new.

I liked this book. It was good but not great. There is a lot of setting up and introductions since it is the first in a series. But beyond that, I struggle to remember what happened in the book which shows how it focuses less on plot and more on setting the stage.

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Revelations is awesome. My chief complaint about Dragon Storm, its lack of movement, is addressed so well in this book. The action is brilliant and I can actually remember the high points. The pacing as well as plot in the book are great. We get to see the heroes in a race against time to close the Dragon Portal and this sets the scene for great actin sequences. Trip is also slowly coming into his power though his unwillingness to share his ancestry felt really stupid to me.

Overall, a great second book.

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Trip decides to find his Dragon father in the hope that the Dragon can exert its influence on lesser dragons. So the team ends up visiting the mysterious continent of Rakgorath.

If Revelations is all about action, Origins is a mystery at its core. In fact,I got an Indiana Jones vibe throughout the book. The team gets to meet dangerous cults and explore mysterious temples and dungeons to learn what has happened.

The plot and pacing is good but is not as fast as Revelations. We get to see a few more characters and the ending is a doozy.

Another great book in the series.

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Unraveled is a filler book which ties up a lot of loose threads and sets up the finale. So, the book tends to go all over the place but it manages to finish with a great climax.

I found it to be average and would rate it on par with the first book in the series – Dragon Storm.

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Gold Dragon is a damp squib of an end to the Heritage of Power series. It goes in different directions, has no coherent plot and the resolution is unsatisfying.

Lindsay Buroker has her style of writing which is fun & light and good in small doses. But, this style has to paired with a decent plot for the book to be interesting. Unfortunately, in Gold Dragon, all we get is this light hearted fluff with nothing much of consequence. I am not expecting a GRRM or a Steven Eriksson here but I need some kind of plot to keep me interested. That is not the case and I consider this to be the weakest book in the series.

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