Review of ‘The Lions of Lucerne’ by Brad Thor

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

The president was snatched on my watch and a lot of men died. I was responsible for them and I let them all down. 


‘The Lions of Lucerne’ is written by Brad Thor. It is the first book in the ‘Scot Harvath’ series. It is an action thriller and it stars the eponymous ‘Scot Harvath’. As with such books, Scot Harvath is an alpha male who is a champion skier, an ex-SEAL and now part of the Secret Service, tasked with protecting the US president.

I am now deep into the action thriller genre, working my way through the list of bestsellers. Naturally, I picked up Brad Thor since his name gets thrown about a lot when it comes to this genre. ‘The Lions of Lucerne’ was interesting in many ways I did not expect but more of that in the next section.

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‘The Lions of Lucerne’ is good in a lot of ways I did not expect. When we think of the alpha male action thriller genre, we expect someone like a Schwarzenegger in his John Matrix role in Commando. He basically comes in, kicks all the baddies asses, makes no mistakes and saves the day. Scot Harvath is a pleasant surprise. In this book, he is vulnerable, makes questionable judgements and is generally a punching bag for most of the book. These imperfections add to the character and make the book more interesting. Another pleasant surprise in this kind of genre, there is an extremely strong feminine character who ended up stealing the show. This change in gender roles took the book to a different level.

The plot is nothing special. You can see the twists coming a long way off. While the standard action tropes are present, there is enough novelty due to the afore-mentioned vulnerability. This book also suffers from another affliction common to the genre – casual racism and caricatures.

I found some parts of the book – especially the first third to drag at times. The book really gets into high gear midway, once the previously mentioned female character comes into the picture.

Overall, I think this book is good and does enough to stand out in its genre.  Whether the series will be as good as Mitch Rapp or Jack Reacher remains to be seen.

I give a strong recommend to ‘The Lions of Lucerne’.

Other Thoughts (Spoilers warning)

Spoilers below. Continue reading at your peril.






Damn, Claudia was awesome. She kicks ass and Brad Thor should have had her as the protagonist.

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