Review of The Lore of Prometheus by Graham Austin-King

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

The Lore of Prometheus feels like a YA book (with all its tropes) written for a more mature audience. Broken people – check. People who need to be “motivated” to find their powers – check. Boy with powers meets girl with powers and they fall in love – check. Evil, one dimensional villain – check.

The plot is boring and predictable, which I hope is corrected, if this book is the forerunner of a series. Actually, this book has the plot of Wolverine (the movie) right down to the villain and the climax. WTF! Even the characters’ powers are not original in any sense.

The portions with the PTSD and the action scenes were done well but were not anything really outstanding. BTW, it is telling that the people with powers were white (in Afghanistan), the doctor was white, the villain and his minions Pashto/Afridis etc. Maybe I am too sensitive, but fuck it, I will call it the way I see it. And how convenient that the prisoners all speak fluent English while the minions speak broken Engleesh. Angrezi nahi aata hai saab! I am quite surprised that this book is as highly rated as it is now.


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