Review of ‘The Midnight Line’ by Lee Child

[su_quote]”He claims he tracks every shipment.”” Maybe he was out sick the day they taught real life. Nothing works a hundred percent.”[/su_quote]

[su_heading size=18]Introduction[/su_heading]

“The Midnight Line”, written by Lee Child, is the 22nd book in the Jack Reacher series. It stars the eponymous Jack Reacher on his journey across the USA.

This time around Jack Reacher discovers a West Point graduation ring at a pawn shop which piques his curiosity. He proceeds to discover the woman it belonged to so that he can return it to her. Obviously, this cannot be a Jack Reacher story if it was simple. This is a complex mystery and he stumbles onto a crime ring along the way.

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[su_heading size=18]Recommendation[/su_heading]

 The Midnight Line is an enjoyable read. I found it to be a little different from other Reacher stories since it was less about violence and more about solving a mystery.

Jack Reacher, at this point in the series, has almost become a parody of himself. He has become an all knowing all seeing walking machine of destruction. So it is refreshing to see that these elements have been toned down and the story relies only to a small extent on his superhuman abilities.

The story is set in the Mid-west with its vast geographic spaces. But it still manages to feel claustrophobic due to the limited set of characters. In addition, there is the feeling of oppression that Lee Child manages to bring about which makes this book feels different.

The book also has the standard elements that make Jack Reacher fun. We have military tradition in spades, there is a good enough coterie of bad guys for Reacher to beat up and there are a couple of damsels in distress.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend The Midnight Line. Jack Reacher fans will find enough of the old and new for it to be enjoyable. Fans new to the series will not find it hard to get into the book either.

[su_heading size=18]Other Thoughts (Spoilers warning)[/su_heading]

Spoilers below. Continue reading at your peril.






I was looking forward to Scorpio going into the dryer and Lee Child didn’t disappoint.

This book does not have strong villainous characters. Rather, it is the system that is the problem.

I could guess the twist a few chapters into the book. But the good thing about this book is what Lee Child does after revealing the twist.

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