Review of The Owl Approach to Storytelling

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

You become a leader because of who you are, because of the opportunities and experiences that you have over the course of your life. Even the smallest moments in your life add texture to those degrees, enhancing your learning beyond that which a book can teach.

I was given a copy by the publisher for an honest review

What is the book about?

The Owl Approach to Storytelling is written by Sandy Colletta. She has been using her ability to craft stories to use them as a means of reaching out within the various organizations where she has been the corporate leader. She feels that leadership in corporates has become increasingly impersonal which has lead to a disconnect between the people on the ground and the executives in the boardroom. This book  has been created to convey the importance of storytelling in organizations as well as the process by which this can be done.

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My Recommendation

“The Owl Approach to Storytelling” is a short, well written book which manages to balance conciseness with communication. It is  full of insights and anecdotes. I found it heart-warming and pragmatic at the same time.

Storytelling and the process of doing so is an art form. Sandy Coletta has done a great job in putting a process around something as intangible as this. When I compare it to the other book on storytelling that I have read (The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling), I find ‘The Owl’ to be more enjoyable, approachable and effective.

I recommend this book.

What does this book cover?

“The Owl Approach to Storytelling” is written in a straightforward and uncomplicated fashion. It starts off by explaining the need for storytelling and its usefulness. The book then gets into the process itself – where to find stories, how to tell them and what makes for effective storytelling (given the message).

There are 9 chapters dealing with the above.

What did I like?

First off, the book is well structured. When I read the Table of Contents, I knew what I was getting. This makes it easy to understand the big picture so that you know where you are on your journey.

Second, Sandy Coletta’s experience in senior management comes across in every aspect of the book. It is clear that she understands how organizations work which leads to pragmatic advice for the reader. An example that sticks in my mind are when she talks about the pitfalls when a leader walks around without developing a connect and how employees tend to react to this.

Third and most importantly, she shares her knowledge through the use of storytelling. Eating one’s own dog food is the best way to convince others of the worth of what you are doing. And this book does it brilliantly. The stories shared are both personal and professional – and they all tend to make a point.

What did I not like?


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