Review of ‘Undelivered Letters’ by J.Alchem

[su_quote]When you are cleaning your room or shifting, you come across the old, forgotten things; things which once held the value of you.[/su_quote]

[su_heading size=18]Introduction[/su_heading]

“Undelivered Letters” is written by J.Alchem.

It tells the story of Aron, an ex-postal worker, who discovers undelivered letters in his house during a move. His wife, Sara, convinces him to deliver these to their original recipients even if the letters have been delayed for twenty years. The stories of the recipients and the closure offered by Aron form the rest of the story.

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[su_heading size=18]Recommendation[/su_heading]

 Undelivered Letters is a story that will linger in your thoughts long after you have finished it.

The book is written in a relatively non-linear form with multiple threads coming together. I found the individual stories to be heartwarming. These stories have themes around nostalgia, abandonment, guilt and ,of course, closure. The stories along with their compelling characters makes these stories stick in the readers’ minds.

The only nitpick I have with the book is in its editing, which could have been a lot better.  Consider the following sentence for example. It just does not make sense.

“Why are you smiling?”. Asked Aron, like he was searching for the lost end of the duct tape.

In conclusion, I recommend Undelivered Letters. It is a short and light read with a good story.

[su_note] Support Digital Amrit by Buying Undelivered Letters at Amazon

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