Short Review of 'The Fires of Vengeance' by Evan Winter

Updated: Nov 16

'The Fires of Vengeance' is the sequel to 'The Rage of Dragons'.

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The book is well written with a break-neck pace, but it suffers from 'sequel-i-tis'. The rebellion is crushed, Tau gets what he wants, but manages to screw up even more. But this is a set-up for the main course - The Cull, which we will read about in the next book.

The feeling is more of 'The Temple of Doom', and less of a 'The Empire Strikes Back', due to a lack of a compelling narrative. 'The Rage of Dragons' had Tau's quest for vengeance holding us enthralled. 'The Fires of Vengeance' doesn't have that core thread - it is more a sequence of events that occur. There are a couple of opportunities to change the narrative away from Tau - which would have been fascinating. Imagine the hero in the first book, becoming the villain in the next. But that doesn't happen.

In the end, 'The Fires of Vengeance' is a gentle heat rather than an inferno.

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