Underlord by Will Wight

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Underlord is an unputdownable, pedal to the floor, rush of a book.

It manages to tick all the boxes – Fan-f***ing-tastic action, a pace that ‘fast’ does not adequately describe and characters that are unforgettable. Now, all of these characteristics are part of Will Wight’s standard bag of tricks. But, in addition to all of these, this book also has way more humour than in previous iterations which went a long way in making the uber-fast pace more comfortable to read.

I also liked how Linden actually has some significant character development in this book. And this goes well with the theme of the book, which is that advancing to Underlord is less about power and strength (though those matter) and more about discovering who you are truly are. As a result, our favourite characters all has to discover, confront and accept their true purposes in life. I really liked this change in level requirements since it makes the characters do something that they have not done before.

The book has a pulse pounding climax. The ending is quite disruptive and moves the story into new areas which I am totally itching to read.

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